Turcite B
We also offer complete line of accessories for applying and maintaining Turcite® B Slydway®.

Deoiling Powder 500 grms - Deoiling Powder extracts oils, grease, lubricants and other fluids by means of its hygroscopic properties. The surface should be cleaned and dried prior to its application. Powder is light blue when applied and will turn dark blue within one hour in the presence of oil. If the powder surface becomes wet (dark blue) remove and repeat application. Clean surface thoroughly after use.

Turcite® B Slydway® System is a complete line of bearing materials along with surface preparation and adhesive products specifically engineered to install Turcite® B Slydway® materials.

Part Number Thickness Availabiltiy
SW015-24 1/64" Stock
SW032-24 1/32" Stock
SW045-24 3/64" Stock
SW063-24 1/16" Stock
SW078-12 5/64" Stock
SW093-24 3/32" Stock
SW125-24 1/8" Stock
SW187-24 3/16" Stock
SW250-24 1/4" Call
Waylock ll in a pint or quart - STOCK
** (Length x Width = Square Inches)